Sunday, October 6, 2013

Orientation: If I Could Tell You...

Such a journey—such a time. . . Where has it gone!?

I’d love to say that I have written a well-versed and eloquent summary of the past weeks, dancing throughout the events within orientation—noting new relationships, surprising challenges, and joyful discoveries...

I’d love to be able to speak of our journey to Mt. Kinabalu, where time was invested investigating the wondrous, lush jungle landscape: awakening in the morning to the call of a mountain-duck (wat). Holding a steaming cup of tea while watching the early-morning sunrise: a time when the illuminated pastels of the sky danced into a merger with the 
plethora of green life covering every slope-- light flowing from the buttes of the skyline to the pages of a book being read next to me.

Or maybe of the days spent hiking within the foothills of the great Mt. Kinabalu… Meandering on trails softly following streams through the pure LIFE surrounding us on all sides (no, for real. ‘aint nobody got biodiversity like that-there rainy forest). Hiking up trails which would have daunted the most toned stair-master hiker—trails which offered awards of beautiful vistas and lookouts… Though sometimes the offers were rudely interrupted by all-encompassing flowing seas of clouds, adding to the dampness upon our skin that was not yet due to rain. Yet. 

I’d love to tell of our first days within the city of Kuala Lumpur, where we sat down at tables along a street for a meal of various Roti (a street food of such great deliciousness, unbeknownst to us at the time). A meal interrupted by the passing parade and fireworks on the street beside us—a lively parade of costume, shrines, and dancing celebrating the nearby temple. 

Or I could tell of next day, where we went off around the neighborhood on a bit of a ‘worship-place scavenger hunt’: a hunt which had us discovering Hindu Temples and Shrines, a huge Buddhist worship complex, Lutheran, Catholic, and Methodist Churches, Islamic Mosques, Taoist Temples, Chinese Temples, and other worship spaces and places of religious importance. All within a few blocks of the YMCA, where we were staying. 

I’d love to attempt to describe the incredibly vast presence of racial, cultural, and social diversity which
seemed to reflect the religious diversity I would have described. Walking through the streets--bathing in language, showering in any mixture of Mandarin, Japanese, German Malaysian, English, Swedish, Arabic, Indonesian, Tomil, Hokkien, French… The list could go on. Or maybe the cultural diversity could be described by noting the plethora of cuisine options available, from curry-laced Indian food to eight-course Chinese-style meals. From fried bananas on the street to Vietnamese-style dry-noodles inside the center at the base of the Petronius Twin Towers.

I’d probably also speak of the amazing people I found myself meeting and enjoying conversation, time, and space with. Some of these people would have been fellow YAGM-ees, others… of KL and Sabah. Meeting and talking, being on the receiving end of humbling hospitality, being introduced and participating in Synod Assemblies, visiting churches—new and old, joining in for meals, having four-hour long conversations,  or simply sharing time and space within moments of great stress and transition. I’d certainly speak of many, many interactions with quite incredible people. 

I think I’d also speak of a trip to the Batu Caves, visiting the National Mosque, walking through the Islamic Arts Museum, learnings (of many sorts) with and in a class on Bahasa Malaysia, further exploring of the streets (and food) in KL, accidental jogging discoveries, reading thought-provoking history and descriptions in a Malaysian National Museum, making many mistakes / having many learning experiences, visiting islands in Sabah, spending time at STS, walking through markets of fresh produce and hand-crafted goods, enjoying the warmth of Malaysia (namely, showering 2-3 times a day), being continually humbled by the warmth of the Malaysians—their hospitality and helpfulness, drinking coconut water straight from a fresh coconut, eating Durian (if you don’t know what this is, look it up), and so so much more!

So much I’d love to tell of orientation (already over three weeks ago!?)… if only… Ah well.

I guess you can always just ask me? I’d certainly love to share and tell story, assuming you’re willing for me to reciprocate the requests! J

(I promise my next post won't be such an overview, I'll try to be a bit more regular with posts. And for real--ask me!)


  1. AMAZING pics. You are truly on an incredible journey. Please keep sharing. Your words create such visuals..... I too will ask!!!!

  2. Very interesting observations and pictures. Thanks for sharing your journey with everyone. Take care.